Secret Seven Complete Boxset of 17 Titles

Secret Seven Complete Boxset of 17 Titles

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Secret Seven Complete Boxset of 17 Titles by Enid Blyton (9781444954067) Includes

1. The Secret Seven

2. Secret Seven Adventure

3. Well Done, Secret Seven

4. Secret Seven on the Trail

5. Go Ahead, Secret Seven

6. Good Work, Secret Seven

7. Secret Seven Win Through

8. Three Cheers, Secret Seven

9. Secret Seven Mystery

10. Puzzle for the Secret Seven

11. Secret Seven Fireworks

12. Good Old Secret Seven

13. Shock for the Secret Seven

14. Look Out, Secret Seven

15. Fun for the Secret Seven

16. Mystery of the Skull

17. Mystery of the Theatre Ghost

The Secret Seven: 17 Exciting Adventures (Set of 17 Books) revolves around seven fictional child detectives who solve crimes. The group secret headquarters is in a garden shed and they have a badge and a secret password.

Peter is the leader of The Secret Seven and is the most mature of all the members. His sister, Janet, is a brave and sincere girl. The group has two other girls, Barbara and Pam, both of whom are Janet’s schoolmates. Peter’s best friend Jack is also a part of The Secret Seven. The remaining two members are George and Colin, who attend the same school as Peter. Scamper, Peter and Janet’s pet dog, always accompany them on their adventures.

The Secret Seven: 17 Exciting Adventures (Set of 17 Books) contains seventeen stories which show how these seven children investigate all sorts of mysteries. In the first book, Jack notices that some men have kept a prisoner inside an abandoned house. The Seven decide to snoop around. In Go Ahead Secret Seven, the young detectives hear about a man who pushes dogs down coal holes. It is upto them to stop him! In Secret Seven Mystery, the ninth book of the series, a girl has suddenly disappeared and she is being blamed for robbing her teacher. Will the Seven be able to find her?

Key Features:

* The box set contains fifteen stories about The Secret Seven investigating mind-boggling mysteries.

* The language is easy to read and plots are thrilling

Author : Enid Blyton
Publisher : Hachette Book Publishing India Pvt. Ltd.
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781444954067
Language : English